Technical Notes

Cell Data Modem - Setting up and using a cell phone module as a data modem

Using git and github - Notes about git commands and how to use github

Raspberry Pi Computing Cluster

Raspberry Pi NFS - Mount FreeNAS from RPi via NFS

Raspberry Pi I2C and SPI - How to setup and use I2C and SPI

Raspberry Pi Watchdog Timer - How to use the internal RPi watchdog timer

PiAware Flight Tracking - Installation and configuration of PiAware flight tracking software

Pi-Hole - Pi-Hole is a really cool Raspberry Pi based DNS server that blocks ads and other bad sites

Open Source Router setup

OpenVPN Setup

OpenSSL Usage Notes

Internet Email Server Setup

MIL Connectors - An overview of MIL standard connectors, pins, and tooling

NTP Debugging - How to debug NTP client problems