Halliday History

My Immediate Background

My mother is Eleanor Jean HALLIDAY. She is the daughter of William Norman HALLIDAY and Vivian Viola MEECH. Her siblings were Robert (Uncle Bob), Elizabeth (Aunt Betty), Norman (Uncle Norm), and John (Uncle John). Here is a diagram of our family.

The purpose of these family history pages is to document and archive our family history for my children and for my relatives' families. I have a lot of paper history that I fortunately carried around for a lot of years. My plan is to digitize as much of it as possible so that our children and grandchildren won't have to carry around boxes of musty old paper. This web site is my personal project and I expect it to be around for a good long time. But it won't be here forever. I encourage you to download and archive this material to your computer so that you can have it for your children after I am gone.

I would love to get more family history and important pictures! If you have material you would like to share please contact me at bob (at) baggerman.org.

Halliday Family Background

Clan Halliday - This is a nice summary of the Hallidays in Scotland. Our lineage is primarily from the Dumfriesshire, Scotland region. There is a lot more information about our Scottish heritage in the John Holliday and Family Tree books linked below.

The Hallidays originally came from Scotland via Canada. I have put a lot of information into a Halliday (and Baggerman) family tree. As of this writing there are about 350 names in the tree. There are lots of different ways to slice and dice family trees. Below are links to a few different views of the family tree. Here are some tip for navigating the family tree web interface.

While viewing a tree you can make some adjustments to the view

  • Generations - Adjust the number of generations to view at one time
  • Standard / Compact - Use the view options for more or less detail in the tree
  • Family - Use this view to see just the immediate family of an individual. You can walk up and down the tree when in this view by clicking on the little up and down triangles on the individual names.
  • Ancestors / Decendents - Use this view to “look up” and “look down” the tree.

George Halliday Family Tree - This is the big view all the Hallidays back to George Halliday, born in 1715.

William Norman Halliday Family Tree - This tree is the descendants from Bill and Vivian Halliday, my grandparents on my mother's side.

Ancestors - This is a tree of my ancestor. It's fun to know who you came from. My cousins, of course, would have a very similar tree.

The MacLeods and Donald Trump - Donald Trump's mother was Mary Anne MacLEOD, born on 10 May 1912 in Isle of Lewis, Scotland. There are MacLeods in our family tree also but there is no direct blood lineage to our MacLeods or definitive connection to Mary Anne MacLEOD. Grandma Vivian Halliday's (nee MEECH) paternal grandfather was William E MEECH. The tree is shown here. Vivian's father, William Henry MEECH was the son of William E MEECH and Elizabeth LONG. Elizabeth LONG passed away and Vivian's grandfather, William E MEECH, remarried. He married Amelia SUTHERLAND and they had six more children. Two of the daughters with Amelia SUTHERLAND married MacLeods. Elizabeth Evangeline MEECH married Angus James MACLEOD. Winnifred MEECH married Donald Hugh MACLEOD. This MacLeod family ultimate came from Scotland but that is where the trail goes cold.

Halliday Family Reunion 2016

Anne Frej (daughter of Jean Halliday) hosted a Halliday family reunion in Santa Fe, NM in June 2016.

Guest Book - This is the guest book of those of us who attended the reunion

Photos - Here are a few photos from the event. Contact me if you have more photos to share.

Grandma Halliday - Food and Other Memories - It was fun exchanging stories and information. Susan Hougen compiled a list of famous Grandma Halliday recipes and other remembrances.

Halliday Family Source Material

I have accumulated a number of references to Halliday family history. I have digitized much of it to make it easy to preserve and pass on to our children. Here I have links to various PDF documents. For most of these I have Microsoft Word versions also to make it it easy add material and make corrections. Contact me if you want the Word version of any of these.

John Halliday - The is the most complete work of early Halliday family history. It was compiled by Clarence Halliday and published in 1962.

A Halliday Family Tree - A compilation of the decendents from George Halliday, born about 1715 in Scotland. It lists over 400 Hallidays.

Vivian Halliday - The Story of My Life - This is a very interesting retrospective as told to my cousin Bill Harting.

Jean H Halliday Archive - There is a lot of other material on the web site. For most PDF documents I also have the original Microsoft Word document available. There are also pictures and links to other resource.