Bede BD-4 Project Plane Available

Have you ever dreamed of building and owning an airplane but worried about the cost or skill involved? Then this partially built Bede BD-4 aircraft project might be right for you. This BD-4 project was started by an experienced builder before his untimely death. It has been sitting in the widow’s garage for 10 years. Now it is time to go.

BD-4 aircraft have been available since 1968. Wikipedia says “It was one of the first homebuilt aircraft to be offered in kit form. It remains one of the world's most popular homebuilts with thousands of plans sold and hundreds of examples completed to date.” In a 2018 article Kitplanes Magazine called the BD-4 “Ahead of its Time and Keeping Pace”.

With the BD-4 the intention was to allow people with little or no fabrication experience to start with a set of comprehensive plans and work up to a bolt-together operation in which complex components were provided from the factory. In order to simplify construction, there were few curved surfaces and most of the fuselage was made up of flat aluminum sheeting.

This project includes the mostly built fuselage frame, wings, and other parts. The rudder pedals are steel and have some surface rust. The tires are old and probably should be replaced. Other than that it has been sitting in a garage and is in good shape. It does not include a motor, motor mount, or any electronics. Some tooling is included but not much aviation tooling is necessary to build. The widow has the original sales receipt as well as build instructions on paper and DVD. There is also a nice build log book.

The plane is located in Niceville, FL and can be easily trailered. The asking price is $7,000. Feel free to contact me. I am not the seller (just go to church with her) but said I would help.

Bob Baggerman
404-five oh two-0513
bob.bd4 (at)